Suarez: Premier League is the best league, but when the world most teams Barcelona


In an interview with ESPN television interview, the Barcelona striker Suarez modestly said he did not think that he is one of the best players in the world. Uruguayan spoke about Messi and Neymar in the side to play meant to him, but also said that although the Premier League is the best league in the world, but the world’s best team is Barcelona.

When asked whether the issue of one of the world’s best players, Suarez said: “No, a person always like to hear the sound of praise, but I do not think he is one of the best players in the world, this is not modest. I do own work, my best team in the world, had never imagined doing things, as to the merits comment from someone. ”

Messi and Neymar can play around, also does not mean you are the best player in the world? Suarez smiled and answered: “Can the two players and Iniesta in the side to play, this is a privilege, but also a dream that I get to enjoy around them, in the world’s best team to play well. make you feel proud. You will find that you want to join the team is very difficult, now is the time to enjoy the good moments. ”

Suffered last season because of suspension, Suarez failed to carry out pre-season, this season can be a complete pre-season, the new season that his state would be better? “I do not know their status would be better, but it can carry out the preseason is very favorable, I been six years without a complete pre-season, because the tournament is always one by one. Now the competition and before not the same football for your requirements are very high. Last season we will always bear in mind the performance of the fans, because it is very special, this year we have the opportunity to repeat the feat, and even get six trophies. We still need to complete goal, Barcelona became the first team to defend the Champions League team. We are full of power, we must continue to win. ”

Suarez is when it will retire? “I want to retire in the Uruguay national team, but I hope I can be in the national team’s performance in mind. I hope to return to Ajax said, because Ajax gave me everything, I was there very happy. I hope to return one helped my team, not just to the team. ”

US will not choose to play and retire? Uruguayan replied: “You never know what will happen to my family very comfortable in the United States, I did not feel uncomfortable, there is no pressure on me through the three streets did not being recognized in San Francisco, because in the United States. Football is not the first movement, I can be very calm. It is a good option. America is increasing like football, the stadium was packed. ”

Speaking of Barcelona, ​​Suarez said: “the world’s best league is the Premier League, but the best team is Barcelona.” For Enrique, Suarez’s view is: “The manager is a final decision, but He has been listening to our views. Next season we have to play in the same way. “