4 remember three no stains 11 1

Los Angeles Lakers on the road to 75-123 loss to the Utah Jazz. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant – Bryant played 27 minutes, only 1 of 11 shots, only 5 points.

For Bryant, the Salt Lake City is a very special road. Recall that the 1997 Western Conference semifinals, the Lakers and the Jazz in Game 5, the game was held in Salt Lake City, when the Lakers in the total score to 1-3 behind. Match critical moment, as the bench rookie Bryant was entrusted with the task, but the last time he was in the fourth quarter and overtime actually voted in four three non-stick, the Lakers are the Jazz eventually eliminated. That game, Bryant shot 4 of 14 three-pointers 6 0, only 11 points.

That was the last game of his rookie season, Bryant also made him memorable game. Bryant has admitted that the game is an important turning point in his career. Since then, Bryant ushered in a glorious career. This season, Bryant entered the NBA’s first 20 years, he finally decided to bid farewell to the NBA.

Today, the 37-year-old Kobe Bryant came to Salt Lake City, this is the last time in his career playing here. But this time, Bryant seemed to see myself 20 years ago, he feels cold, the audience only 11 shots thrown ball, 0-4 three-pointers, and ultimately the Lakers suffered a humiliating defeat.

From the year in Salt Lake City four three noes touches here today 11 1, although this is a magnificent chapter in the middle section of the epic, but Bryant has experienced a huge cycle after another like going back to square one.

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