Arsenal, Real Madrid hit 40 million exposed front Pa


Manchester United and Manchester City generous frequent, while nearly 80 million have been punched, while it is to spend 49 million, signed so far this summer’s transfer standard king. At the same time, also in the first four groups of Arsenal, but only spent 10 million pounds, signed from Chelsea Cech, but from the transfer market closed more than a month of time, Wenger has enough time Transfers to operate.

Message from “The Sun” revealed that the intention Wenger finally shot, Arsenal, Real Madrid intends to offer 40 million pounds to buy Benzema. According to Spanish sources say, officials from the earlier Arsenal have been in contact with Real Madrid, and out of a “hard offer.” “The Sun” said the Arsenal next week a formal offer to Real Madrid in local time.

The newspaper, which is not in the Real Madrid Benzema coach Rafael Benitez’s plans, so Real Madrid does not exclude selling the French center, but the price must be appropriate, Real Madrid hope to get from the body than in the past to sell Benzema Ozil out of 42.5 million pounds higher transfer fee.

Of course, Wenger has always been conscious of not saying “kill” will be able to be “killed”, once the deal with Real Madrid reached an impasse, then Wenger will still continue to use the new season to play Giroux front Pa, do not forget Walcott also been quarrels with the position you want to play middle center of being printed.