Audi Cup – Mueller column Levante lore

Audi Cup final at the Allianz Arena to start the contest, Bayern 1-0 win over Real Madrid, won the championship. Pepe exit wounds, Muller long-range column. The second half, substitute Levan Mianduikongmen missed. Before the whistle, the new aid Douglas – Costa Levante assists lore.

Bayern want to report 2014 Champions League semi-finals of revenge. Guardiola discharge most of the main, but Robben and Levante did not play. Real Madrid, C Ronaldo and Benzema did not travel, Bell and J Lo on the bench. Jesse before the conflict, Vazquez and Qielishefu play both sides. Cross and Alonso were to play former team.

After the opening, Mill and Cross shot wide. The first 12 minutes, Alabama left the door 27 meters at Bajiaonushe, Navas hastily closed out, Ram interference in the defender failed to fill into.

Pepe and Boateng are injured, Nacho emergency warm-up, replacing Pepe. 27 minutes, scraping the area Vidal, ball refraction to the left, Douglas – Costa small-angle shot into a lob touch Carvajal Ramos front Erti Jiao rescue. Bayern then played wonderful, Goetze knock on the right, Ram do to Muller, Muller 16 meters in front of the far post Tui slip.

Ram was a tripped Marcelo legs in the penalty area, the referee gave Bayern a free kick, a yellow card Marcelo. Uprooting Alonso Carvajal, also booked. Bayern nearly broke the 38th minute, Muller volley 29 meters in front of the place, the ball hit the line Ramos your legs hit the left goal post. The first 43 minutes, Douglas – Costa stopping to get rid of Nacho under the bottom left cross, column spacing grid policy backdoor door 13 meters Tui blocked Navas leg! Before the end of the first half, Real Madrid complaint Boateng hand pressure Ramos inside the area, the referee ignored.

The second half, Benitez put Erie Yala Mendy and Asensio, replacing Casemiro and Qielishefu, melon handsome then put Levante and Rhodes, Goetze and Lahm end. Cross free kick went straight to the top left corner, Neuer flying fingertip prop! Alonso right corner, Burnett Tia Zhengding far post.

Modric, J Lo and Arbeloa played, Real Madrid has changed the situation. Bernat Vidal replaced. Bayern missed scoring the first 61 minutes, Douglas – Costa left low pass, Levante 6 meters in front of the push Kongmen missed! After 3 minutes, Cross hit a bouncing ball in front of 25 meters, Neuer closed out the right post.

Heyibiye replaced Alonso. Neuer siege kicked directly at the foot of Erie Yala Mendy, who turned around and got a direct shot but Neuer. Borja – Mayoral and Danilo are replaced. Bernat left breakthrough Navas hit the far corner is resolved.
The last stage, Bayern applied pressure increases, Alabama right foot free kick caused strong Navas sell, Burnett Tia blank range was blown for offside. Undergraduate Rafinha replaced. Bayern in the 88th minute to break the deadlock! Douglas – Costa right of the left-footed free kick unmarked in front of Levante 4 meters outside the instep ejection into the lower right corner, 1-0.