Beauty broker into Harden new big housekeeper

According to “Houston Chronicle” reported that James – Harden recently replaced his agent, he chose beauty broker Diana – Dai as their own new broker(click nba mt coins).

James Harden’s former agent is Roberto – Palinka, but Palin Ka has become the new general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers, so they had to give up their own broker career, so his players will be divided To Brandon – Rosenthal, Erica – Williams and Diana – wear.

Palin is the famous broker, Kobe Bryant – and James – Harden is his biggest card of the two players, it is precisely because Bryant’s highly recommended, Jenny – Bass finally employed Palin as the Lakers New general manager.

Palin took away, Harden had to find a broker, and ultimately, he in Palinka’s three successors selected beauty broker Diana.

Harden expressed his thanks to Pelinka for his eight years in an interview.

“It’s a dream job,” Harden said. “I know it’s a chance that he’s waiting for a lifetime, and he’s really going to be great, of course, as his partner and friend, To feel very sad.I am very trusting him, he also helped me to mature, from a just leave the university rookie, until now, he taught me a lot of Oh that congratulations, any time, as long as you need to know something other than basketball, He will be there for me.He is a great man, he will do a good job in the new job.

And Harden new choice of beauty broker Diana – wear, nor is it a small person. Harden is also very satisfied with her: “She is my agent now, and she works very hard.”

Diana is a young man who studied at UCLA at Los Angeles from 1999 to 2003 and then went to Chapman University from 2004 to 2007 to get a doctorate in law. Andre Iguodala, Trevor – Trevor Ariza, Derek – Fisher, Andrew – Weeks are also her players. After Diana also worked for Harden, mainly responsible for Harden’s commercial promotion, and now she finally went further and became Harden’s “big housekeeper”.source: