Bryant signature shoes donated sun Branch honey

German – Booker is the sun in 13 overall pick in this year’s rookie, has a very good projection capabilities and breakthrough speed, is optimistic about the outside world has become a new term Suns leaders. In addition, he was a fully-fledged “Branch honey.” Not long ago, he expressed hope that his retirement when Bryant is now able to enjoy the treatment(more myteam points).

In fact, they said Booker and Kobe Bryant, they are similar to some places, such as their father had a NBA player, when each pick is the youngest player, and the 13th overall pick their own team and height are also 6-6 (1 meter 98).

Bryant last night, he said in an interview, says not wait to see the performance of today’s match, Booker among, but Booker did not let down their idols, he scored a team-high 28 points and seven assists.

In today’s interview after the game, Bryant said he appreciates Booker and his attitude to the game unfolded the kind of competitiveness, and his footsteps and basic skills are very good, but he also said that Booker and see for yourself bit like seeing their own when the Jordan challenge: “when he first and I bit, he would not hesitate rushing to me, just as I was done for Jordan, this is really great!”

It is worth mentioning that after the game, Bryant will own signature shoe personally donated the Booker, and above Message: “become a legend.”

Booker hope in getting the idol of encouragement after his performance more enough to get more