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Before Real Madrid and Espanyol game, C Luo ball shortage related topic become the focus of the Spanish media stir. Before the game against Espanyol, C Luo first nine games, scored only 1 goal, “Marca” that this is a worthwhile thing to note, this is a bit unusual. However, the controversy over soon. C Lo… Read Article →

2014-15 season’s Champions League, Barcelona team who are very memorable, and some of the players on the team even more so, Suarez is one of them. Uruguayan follow the team in Berlin summit, he completed his dreams, but also to their already fantastic season even better. And the game Suarez also played an important role,… Read Article →

Champions League final, Messi did not score, but he is still another way to dominate the game. British “Daily Mail” for the players after the game scoring title given is “Messi played below standard” (Lionel Messi was below par), but the newspaper at scoring, Messi gave 8.5 points game-high points, which in turn make why… Read Article →

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