Champions League – Barcelona 3-1 SU God Neymar scored Juve won the Triple Crown


Germany local time at 20:45 on the 6th), the 60th session of the Champions League final in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium started, Barcelona 3-1 defeat to Juventus, Liverpool tied fifth win and Bayern is fourth crown in 10 years, following the After the 2008-09 season, winning the Triple Crown and the first eight Triple Crown team and the first team to win two Triple Crown team. Juventus lost the final to create a record six times. The opening 203 seconds, Iniesta assists Rakitic scored the fastest goal in the final Basa Ou crown. The second half, tied Morata, Messi shot was saved, Suarez scored blank range, Neymar buzzer goal.

Both teams scored eighth Champions League final, also fifth in the Champions League final, Bayern tied behind AC Milan (six times). Barcelona have won the past three sessions of the final, Juventus lost the finals for three consecutive sessions. La Liga and Serie A team had seven Champions League final encounter, the Spanish team to win five times. Barcelona is the Champions League this season Juve suffered the first three La Liga, Champions League encounter last Serie A Allegri coach (last season’s group stage wins and a draw AC Milan). Enrique all the main play, Iniesta became the first four times in the Champions League final in Barcelona players, on behalf of the Barcelona race reached 549 games, tied with Mi Geli 3, behind Xavi and Puyol. Messi to become the 3rd Champions League final goal of the first person.

Juve previous seven Champions League final only twice aspirations, with Benfica and Bayern tied team with the most to lose the final, Juventus nine consecutive games unbeaten in the Champions League, five games without conceding a goal. Allegri use 4 guard, Barzagli replace a calf injury in training Chiellini. Juve starting average age of 30 years 153 days, is the Champions League final second senior starter, the first (year 2007 AC Milan 31 years 35 days) and 3 (2010 Inter 30 years 91 days) is the Serie A team, and both He won the championship.

The age difference between the two teams goalkeeper 14 years, creating a record of the Champions League final. Buffon’s first official game against Messi, the Champions League final to become the seventh player appearances older (37 years 129 days) and 3 older goalkeeper, his first Champions League final and it has been 16 years, tied Edwin van der Sar behind Ryan Giggs (20 years), Mateus (19 years) and Paolo Maldini (18 years). Buffon and Pirlo also became the fourth Champions League final elder partner. Evra become after Seedorf, representing three different teams who participate in the second Champions League final, 5 times in the finals tied Clarence Seedorf and Edwin van der Sar after Maldini (6 times). Morata become for 2 consecutive years on behalf of different teams who participate in the final 6, and the first four representatives of two different teams participating in the finals of the Spaniards.

Champions League final for the first time held in June, the two teams are to take over the coach’s first season, the team, which is the first 3 times in the Champions League finals (1975 and 1991). Berlin is the first four Champions League finals held in the German city, the scene temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Before holding brief performances, this final ambassador, former German striker Riddle team carrying big ears Cup appearance. Barcelona fans in the stands to spell out “Mes que un club” (not just a club), Juve fans showed two side stands the giant hand, the Champions League football in his arms.

Juventus take the initiative after the opening. But Barcelona 203 seconds to score the first shot! Midfielder Lionel Messi crossing the transfer, Alba left the ball knock to Neymar, Neymar attracting defense did to the forward runs of Iniesta, White left the restricted area outside the instep pass, Rakitic in front 9 meters at the door on the right foot propulsion, 1-0, this is the fourth Champions League final quick goals, but also the third Champions League final goals faster. (Click to watch the goals video) Barcelona pass the ball through 16 feet. Rakitic became the first five Champions League final goals in the Balkans, is also the first two goals of the Croatian people. Iniesta Champions League this season, five assists tied Messi became the first Champions League final three sessions have assists players. Barcelona race this season, 173 balls, white and Rakitic broke the first time with Barcelona last no MSN participation (Goal or direct assists) scored, dates back to February 28th. Juventus in the Champions League final no screening advanced the ball all lost 149 games to reach 150 Champions League goals conceded.

Neymar hit Lichtsteiner put a cross in his left hand, the Turkish referee Qiaji Er did not interrupt play. With Houmolata the right return, Vidal closed front tuishe, Neymar also hit the high edge of the area.

Vidal uprooting Busquets, Qiaji Er flashed the first yellow card. The first 13 minutes, restricted the right of Messi forward pass, knock Suarez, Tui Buffon Satisfy a single flying 12 meters in front, Lee Steiner headed the rescue. (Click for video) 20 minutes, Bo Geba left high speed counter low pass, Javier Mascherano Tevez grab front Feichan siege. (Click for video) 27 minutes, Patrice Evra siege failed to top the penalty area, Neymar left the door 14 meters at low drive was Buffon.

Boge Ba Alba edge of the area in contact with the ground, Qiaji Er did not interrupt play, Lichtsteiner is Neymar knocked over Juventus players surrounded Qiaji Er theory. The first 39 minutes, Suarez restricted the right frontier low shot wide of the left goal post, with Houneimaer pass Messi was back closure variable line, Soares side door 13 meters away from the Tui was Buffon asked the beam. (Click for video) Boge Ba stumble behind Messi, booked.

Juventus 15 fouls in the first half, creating a record in the first half of this season’s Champions League. Vidal five fouls in the first half, creating opportunities and extraordinary confrontation, tackles, Zhengding success of data is 0. Iniesta 40 passes successfully 38 times, than any Juve team. Champions League final first half also came from behind to win the Italian team only AC Milan (1963 reversed 2 to 1 Benfica).

The second half started 3 minutes, Barca counter form a five-three, Rakitic Zhise restricted the left, Suarez Tongshe Buffon blocked nearly 10 meters in front of the goal post. (Click for video) 51 minutes, Messi and Neymar cut left and kicked the wall with continuous Suarez, left the door 13 meters left foot hit the high. (Click for video)

Juve in the 55th minute to tie the game! Marchisio in the two anti-folders under the heel pass, low pass Lichtsteiner into the restricted area on the right, turn left Carlos Tevez 11 meters in front of the fire was Teershite prostrate closed out, But Morata 5 meters away from the door on the left to promote Buddhism, 1 to 1, (Click to watch the goals video) he three consecutive Champions League goals, nearly seven Champions League scoring five goals, becoming Robben (2012-13 season After the first two of the same season’s Champions League semi-final after two rounds and finals) players have scored, but also Ya Deer (1999-2000), Pavel Nedved and Obiorah (both 2002-03) After one season in the Champions League against Real Madrid and Barcelona have scored a fourth person, also Robben, Panucci, Robinho, Sneijder, 5th goal in the Champions League Barcelona break the former Real Madrid player, is the first 4 place in the Champions League on behalf of a foreign club to break the Barcelona goal Spaniard twice during his Real Madrid against Barcelona only 1 shot is (0 goals).

After tying the continuous manufacture of zebra threat. 63 minutes, restricted the right of Morata back to do, Marchisio cross knock, Carlos Tevez 18 meters in front Tuishe higher. After 1 minute, Evra left return, Boge Ba 20 meters in front of the half-volley was turned to get Teershite roots. 67 minutes, Boge Ba Yi Zhu Alves restricted area fell to the ground, Qiaji Er did not interrupt play. (Click for video)

Barcelona 68 minutes again beyond! Messi left rib counterattack after the frontier closed area low shot caused Buffon sell, Suarez small restricted area on the right edge of the half-volley Tuishe network, 2 to 1, (Click to watch the goals video) he became Schiaffino and Godin The first three goals of the Uruguayan Champions League final.

In just three minutes, Alba pass in the left Neymar 7 meters in front of the header bomb into the bottom right corner, but at the bottom line 恰基尔 referee disallowed the goal prompted Barca players surrounded the referee bottom line theory, but to no avail. Slow microscope, Neymar header indeed met his upper arm. (Click for video)

Harvey replaced Iniesta, Barcelona played last 1 Representative, he will rewrite the record of 151 appearances in the Champions League games. (Click for video) 79 minutes, Pirlo left corner, Boge Ba 6 meters in front of the header slightly higher. Pereira replaced Vidal a game has been played eight South American players, tying the Champions League final record. The first 82 minutes, Rakitic pass overheads right Pique restricted volley hit high.

Llorente replaced Morata. Suarez has gone down injured, treated and returned to the pitch. Evra was replaced Coleman. The first 89 minutes, Marchisio peripheral foot low shot was blocked out of the right goal post Teershite root.

Mathieu and Pedro has played, replaced Rakitic and Suarez. The first seven minutes of stoppage time, Neymar left wing counterattack pass, Pedro Road and then the ball, Neymar left the restricted area nine meters away from the door at the left foot to promote the far corner, 3-1, (Click to watch the goals video) he 10 goals tied Messi and C Ronaldo, top scorer in the Champions League tie this season. 5 consecutive Champions League goals, become after 1961 Aguas, the same year the Champions League quarter-final two rounds, semi-finals and finals have scored two rounds of the second person, after also following Crespo, European champion Cup and the Copa Libertadores finals have scored a second person.

Champions League for the first time more than one person to share scorer, Messi became 5 won the Champions League top scorer of the first man, he and Neymar also became the third war in Europe on the same season scoring in double figures partner, had two pairs 1974-75 season, UEFA Cup Borussia Heynckes and Simonsen, European Cup 2001-12 season, Atletico Madrid Falcao and Adrian.

After the match awards ceremony, Harvey took the trophy from the hands of Michel Platini. Near the Spanish team to participate in the 13th final of the war in Europe, they are the Spanish team eventually won. 1990 AC Milan successfully defended the first time with the national team for two consecutive years won the Champions League. Barcelona won the championship five times to create and League Cup double winners of a record, ahead of Ajax and Bayern Munich (all three times). Neymar Be the first eight Copa Libertadores and European Cup champion, is also one of the second youngest champion (23 years 121 days), after Sorin (20 years 52 days, Juventus won the Champions League in 1996, the river bed won the Libertadores Cup). Rakitic became the first two years on behalf of different teams to participate in the European Cup / UEFA Cup final and the Champions League final and win the player.

Barcelona (4-3-3): 1 – Teershite root / 22- Alves, 3-Gerard Pique, 14-Javier Mascherano, 18-Alba / 4- Rakitic (90+ 2’24- Mathieu), 5 Busquets, 8 Iniesta (captain) (78’6- Harvey) / 10- Messi, 9-Suarez (90 + 4’7- wear Pedro), 11 Neymar (not substitute appearances: 13 Bravo, 12 Rafinha, 15-Batra, 21 Adriano)

Juventus (4-3-1-2): 1 – Gianluigi Buffon (captain) / 26- Lichtsteiner, 15 Barzagli, Bonucci 19-, 33- Evra (89’11 – Coleman) / 8- Marchisio, 21-Andrea Pirlo, 6 Boge Ba / 23- Vidal (79’37- Pereira) / 10- Carlos Tevez, 9 Morata (85 ’14 – Llorente) (not substitute appearances: 30 Storari, 5 Ao Bangna, 20-Pardo, 27- Stuttgart La)