Cuban admitted to get rid of 2 main force is for the draft pick

Last week, the Dallas Mavericks traded the center of Bogut and laid off the defender Deron Williams. Team owner Mark – Cuban said in an interview that part of the two operations in order to enhance the Mavericks in this year’s draft pick to get high probability of picks(click nba 2k17 mt coins).

At the same time, Cuban did not think the Mavericks did so to make it rotten.

“Our goal is always to become a championship contender, and then win a championship.” Cuban said, “Although Deron played well, Andrew (Bogut) defense is also very good, but we You have to make it better, and then you combine the fact that, as I have always said, when many teams are in the rotten time, you do not want to swing, but when the bad team is not bad, and Everyone is struggling to compete, this is the best time for you to consider competing for a pick, and you can still fight for a good pick when you are trying to be good.

“Our performance this year is clearly not enough to get into the playoffs, but our performance continues to get better.If you lose a place there, a sudden, we have the opportunity to get the first round of the top five pick But we are still trying to get better and fight for victory, and I think it ‘s a good thing.

Up to now, the Mavericks record 23 wins and 35 losses, the eighth from the western side of the 2.5 wins, they are likely to usher in the Cuban team after the first winning percentage of less than five percent of the season.

“It was a heartbreaking, but I was very realistic.” Cuban said, “Listen, if I do not realize the value of a draft, we will keep Deron and Andrew. We will be out of a set of age Big lineup, but now we are training young¬†nba 2k17 points