Curry 36 minutes away escapement Eagle Warriors

Warriors almost overturned in the leading 21 points in the case, the final away to beat the Hawks 102-92(more buy mt nba 2k16).

Warriors (50-5) two-game winning streak. They only made it 55 games with 50 victories, the Bulls broke the league record of 56 games that year. – Stephen Curry scored 36 points, eight assists and six rebounds, Craig – Thompson 27 points, two three-pointers total of 25 shot 10, the Warriors third shot 45 times the audience. Harrison – Barnes scored 14 points, Bradley Richmond – Green 6 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists.

Hawks (31-27) their third straight. Al – Horford scored 23 points, 16 rebounds and six assists, Jeff – Teague scored 16 points and six assists, Paul – Paul Millsap 11 points and seven rebounds. Bench – Dennis Shilao De 18 points, Tim – Tim Hardaway 12 points.

All-Star break opener, the Warriors lost to the Blazers with 32 points, but did not cause too much impact on the psychological warriors, they soon resume strong style.

Curry feel hot. Before the start, he practiced in the ring long shot, hit again and again, but the audience has got used to, only a few people cheered.

After the official opening play, Curry holding hot hand, the first section 5 from 4, including 2 3-pointers, one scored 10 points. Thompson took the lead outside fire, Barnes has since hit the third, this section there are 6 minutes and 40 seconds, Curry was the first time hit the long shot. Warriors 21-9 start, the first section after the 30-15 lead. This section Warriors three-point shot 13 times, hit five.

Section Curry continued to fire, Trey 2 vote 2, the first half had 19 points for Houston. He not only ranks first in the team score, also contributed seven assists and grabbed four rebounds, almost omnipotent. When the middle section eagle chasing the score 32-39 after Thompson also to third, the Warriors scored six points to regain a double-digit advantage. Eagles once again to narrow the gap to single digits after Curry in 16 seconds hit consecutive three-pointers, Iguodala even vote with a penalty scored three points, the Warriors to 58-39 at halftime.

After Thompson hit three-pointers, the Warriors 63-41 in the fourth quarter to lead by 21 points. Despite drastic changes, the Warriors since then frequently outside shot, but mistakes also increased, but the Hawks frequently succeeded long shot, almost shrinking. This section there are 48.1 seconds, the rear Shilao De hit consecutive three-pointers, only the Hawks to 75-76 behind. They even have the opportunity to overtake, but the buzzer shot late tenths disallowed. get more