Durant era has come

According to Boston media reports, this summer officially retired Paul – Pierce in an interview recently reiterated that belongs to Kevin – Durant era has come, and he believes that Durant in the Warriors can get four NBA championships(click nba 2k17 coins).

During the finals this year, Pierce on the show many times that Durant has surpassed James to become the best player in the NBA today.

Recently, Pierce in an interview with the Boston media to reiterate this view, and that the era of Durant has come.

“What I see now is that I think we are witnessing a handover.” Pierce said, “Everyone thinks it’s far away, but I do not think that this warrior will lose to the knight unless it is ill. That is why I would say that this may be the era of Kevin Durant.

“Because LeBron gets more help and his age is getting bigger, you will see Durant likely to win three or four championships if his team remains intact because I do not think that someone So that I am trying to see the future.I will think, in addition to LeBron, who can block him (Durant)? I think this is the beginning of the KD era.source:www.nbamtcoins.com