Durant is the strongest james soft underbelly

Finals Game 3, the Warriors on the road to 118-113 victory over Cavaliers, the total score of 3-0 lead. Warriors All-Star forward Kevin – Durant starting lineup 41 minutes, 18 shots 10, three-pointers 7 vote 4, get 31 points, plus 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Section 4 of the last 1 minute 15 seconds, Durant for the Warriors scored 7 points, and become the hero of winning(click nba mt coins).

The final stage of the game, the Cavaliers once saw the hope of winning, the fourth quarter left less than 1 and a half minutes, they lead the Warriors 4 points. If you can grasp, the Cavaliers have the opportunity to win the game.But at the crucial moment, Durant broke out. And finally left 1 minute and 15 seconds, Durant ball break through JR, and in the basket to get 2 points. At this point the Warriors only 2 points behind.

The fourth quarter left 45 seconds, Durant against James’s defense into the third, the Warriors go-ahead 1 point;Finally left for 12 seconds, Durant caused Korver foul, 2 free throws, the Warriors lead 3 points. In fact, the Warriors at this time has controlled the situation on the field, and won the game.

There is no doubt that this series of the biggest surprise is James and Durant two NBA today’s top small forward duel. Knight back home today, James made great divinity, and in most of the time have suppressed the Durant. From the data point of view, James’s 39 points and 11 rebounds and nine assists are more dazzling, but James is very comprehensive and dominant, but Durant is a super scorer, especially the key moment is not soft.

Today James and Durant’s duel is classic, James won the data, can Durant won the game. The last 48 seconds, Durant scored 7 points to lead the Warriors quickly turn the situation and win. James, although the overall data of the world’s best, but his fourth quarter poor performance, after three games he had only a total of 11 points.After the game, we should understand why the Warriors in the summer last year will be full of chase Durant, because in this league to find a person to LeBron – James, perhaps only him.read more