Hornets coach praised Jeremy big heart

End of the game he wants the ball in hand, if you have observed the performance of his career, you should know that he is very fond of big shots, “Clifford said that, as he puts it, Jeremy Lin has a big heart, he had lore over the Raptors, the key ball without mercy.

The campaign Hornets difficulties faced by relatively large, Kemba – Walker, Al – Al Jefferson can not play, but the two men inside and outside the hornet dual core. Results Lin took on the task, he attacked at the individual, organizational aspects have done well.

“Walker is obviously essential, no one can replace him, we all know this,” Lin says modestly, “but we feel that if everyone share a little more responsibility, and we will make every effort to fill the losses caused by his absence . ”

Hornets face the powerful knight, you know, prior to the present field Hornets LeBron – James’s team has 17-game losing streak, the last time they beat in the regular season, James was in February 20, 2010. After the team to help end this embarrassing record, Lin said: “Tonight we are to make every effort to be aggressive, fighting with them in the end.”

Maiji Ji comeback just recently scored 11 points, 13 rebounds, general data do not look, but he played a team-high 37 minutes, the defensive end has achieved a lot, constantly dead wrapped James. Evaluation of teammate Jeremy Lin said: “Man, about him, no amount of praise are not enough, I am very happy that he is back from injury, his offensive and defensive ends for the team to make a substantial contribution, the most impressive is his absence so long after the play is still stable at 37 minutes time. ”

In shorthanded situations, the Hornets still have five players in double figures, Clifford praised his disciples, he said:. “We played hard, eye-catching performance on the bench in the second half, we more balanced than before before we by excellent defensive or offensive win some great games, but tonight our offense and defense are very good. ”

The third quarter was a watershed, the Cavaliers scored 17 points and only a net negative 16 points, James said after the game: “Our third quarter performance sucks, we need to solve this problem, I do not know what the problem is, I know the coaching staff will Study understand the problem. ”

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