Inter Milan this summer, officially finalized the sixth aid


Inter Milan have been preparing for the new season officially open pace, the team’s signings also has been actively carried out in the previous hole, Inter Milan has bought more than Shakespeare, Miranda, Murillo, Juan Pablo Montoya and Shakespeare Shakespeare Nepal five new signings, now sixth in the new aid appears to have in place immediately.

Sky Sport Italia this weekend revealed Vidic is likely to go to Milan to complete the examination, Sky Sports, said between Inter Milan have reached an agreement with Manchester City on transfer Vidic, concrete way forward would be yoweidi Odd Inter Milan on loan for two years, then Inter Milan 15 million euros and an additional bonus buyout clause, currently Vidic accept such conditions quickly prepared to go to Inter Milan physical examination.

In fact had been chasing Inter Milan Salah, but with Egypt internationals away, Inter Milan Vidic as the number one transfer target, and ultimately action is very fast.

25-year-old Vidic fame in the Serie A team Fiorentina, in 2013 to 30 million euros of the price move to Manchester City, but did not break their own world in the Premier League, Serie overwhelmed if the return is once again have the chance to prove himself .