La Liga hat-trick king

Before Real Madrid and Espanyol game, C Luo ball shortage related topic become the focus of the Spanish media stir. Before the game against Espanyol, C Luo first nine games, scored only 1 goal, “Marca” that this is a worthwhile thing to note, this is a bit unusual.

However, the controversy over soon. C Lo in just 7 minutes to break his La Liga ball shortage. Match the first seven minutes, Modric midfield pass, C Luo offside trap, the keeper hit the far corner to score, Real Madrid 1-0! However, this is only the beginning C Lo, the game the first 16 minutes, Real Madrid won a penalty, C Luo surgeon kick hit Real Madrid 2-0. C Lo’s performance continues, and after five minutes, Bell left pass, C Luo Road Qiangdian scoring.

C Lo 21 minutes a hat-trick, which allows C Lo Real Madrid in La Liga goals increased 228 balls, C Lo scoring record tying Raul, Real Madrid became the highest goalscorer in La Liga. Undoubtedly, C Luo called the terrible efficiency, this 228 ball C Luo played only 203 games. C Lo in the last seven league matches, four times a hat-trick.
C Lo La Liga continues to record a hat-trick in the bag, he is now harvested 28 Liga hat-trick, four times more than the second. Guinness record income also C Lo La Liga hat-trick record. This is the first C Ronaldo hat-trick 32 times in all competitions, with Messi tied, is the largest Spanish football hat-trick players. In addition, C-100 has been harvested ball away goals in La Liga, he played only 103 games. Messi made 100 Liga away goal, played a total of 121 games.

C Lo wonderful performance also confirmed two marshal’s point of view. Before the game, Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez behind C Ronaldo, “he was shot is the most number of players in La Liga, because of his ability, I’m sure he will score a lot of goals.”

The former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti told Sina sports interview, even behind his love, “Ronaldo failed to score in two matches is not a big problem, he always get goals, his ability out there for all to see, I believe he will get at least this season, 50 goals last season as. ”