La Liga new schedule analysis: Real Madrid dominated the whole

Spain had coordinated the High Court, the first round of the Spanish league season start time finalized in August 22 and 23. For Barcelona, ​​the new start of the season’s schedule is quite tight. Before the start of La Liga, Barca need to August 11 and Sevilla European Super Cup contention, moreover, the Spanish Super Cup game time is basically finalized, Barcelona To August 14 and 17, and Bilbao E-sports two-round showdown. Barca face 12 days 4 games devil race, but interestingly, in which all three games against Athletic Bilbao.

La Liga this season on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will arrange the game, in addition, also on September 23, October 28, next year’s March 2 and April 20 to arrange midweek game. For the national team preparing for the European Cup to make time for next season’s La Liga in the next year ended May 15, while the European Cup final is scheduled for May 18 were, the Spanish King’s Cup final scheduled for May 21, Champions League final in May 28 conducted.

Real Madrid first round opponent is not strong, is newly promoted Sporting Gijon, while away from home, Benitez’s team still has hope to win, made a good start. Atletico Madrid are at home against Las Palmas, Simeone’s team is also expected to make a good start. Valencia away against Rayo Vallecano, Sevilla is away against Malaga, the outcome is difficult to predict. Real Madrid dominated the whole race.

La Liga 3 was placed in September 13 were, there was a highlight of the round, and that is Atletico Madrid home game against Barcelona. Repeated experience has just finished fighting with Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid away to face a hard-fought, Enrique’s team next season’s campaign challenged from the outset.

Furthermore, Barcelona also face wonderful race, the 10th round of La Liga Barcelona team Getafe, was moved up to August 26 were, while other teams in this round was conducted on October 28. October 28, Barcelona ahead to participate in the King’s Cup playoffs scheduled for December – because Barcelona to participate in the Club World Cup in December 10 to 20, it is also ahead of the King’s Cup match.

The most striking Spanish National Derby, the first generally arranged in October or November this year was no exception, the new Spanish National Derby season opener is scheduled at 12, time is November 8, Barcelona against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium, and the second leg is scheduled in the league 31, was on April 5, the National Derby second round, is likely to decide next season’s La Liga win situation.

The final round of La Liga, Madrid duo will play against two teams in Galicia, where Real Madrid away against Deportivo, Atletico Madrid at home against Celta Vigo, Madrid duo will not know whether the Spanish champions are still fighting the last a Barcelona away to Granada, if Barca will need to bring three points, and that this schedule is very favorable