Manchester United 3-1 Liverpool victory

English Premier League 2015/16 season, the first five of a focus on fighting one battle at Old Trafford, Manchester United 3 to 1 win at home to Liverpool, Blinder and Herrera has scored, this Turk broke barb pulled one back 80 million European debut of new aid Marchal broke to seal the victory.

Double play Manchester United last season, Liverpool, nearly 13 home game against Liverpool only negative two games, the remaining 11 straight victories. Both the Premiership clash 46 games, Manchester United 25 wins, eight draws and 13 losses prevail, including home 14 wins, four draws and 5 losses. This is the first 193 games against the sides of history, after Manchester United 77 wins and 51 level 64 negative advantage. Just breaking the national team scoring record of Rooney injury, returned to the starting Degea just renew, Fellaini and Carrick playing rotation, new aid Marchal into the bench. Liverpool new signings to replace the suspended Ince Kudiniao appearance.

The first seven minutes, Mignolet Shoupao Qiu mistakes, Mata hit the ball deflected to the foot Fellaini, the Belgian penalty area before hanging up Kongmen. Although Manchester United to take the initiative, but did not manufacture real threat. Pres sudden strong left the restricted area small-angle pass, the ball hit Skrtel deflection hit the side net. Milner backcourt bad, but failed to break Pres left the restricted area Skrtel. Pres left the restricted area pass, Herrera roof fall, Fellaini stopping too big to miss the opportunity.

Ashley – Young replaced the second half Pres. Manchester United 49 minutes to break the deadlock, Ashley – Young left wing breakthrough win a free kick, Mata low pass, shot Blinder edge of the area within the network. With Houdeheya clearance by Phil Mino right side of the restricted area pass Turk, but Marin preemptive rescue. Lovren header ferry, Ince restricted left side 10 yards volley after stopping the chest to rebound the ball was rescued Degea flying. Ashley – Young 22 yards free kick direct shot a little higher.

Liverpool almost equalized 65 minutes, Skrtel corner melee at close range header was blocked Blinder line before the door, a small restricted area on the right, Phil Mino Blinder has been denied trying to tip. Abby replaced Phil Mino. The new aid Mata Marshall replaced, since 1936 he was John – the first complete debut at Manchester United against Liverpool player since Thompson. Manchester United 70 minutes to expand the score, Carrick pass, Herrera right into the restricted area uprooting Gomez Herrera personally launched into the upper corner of the penalty kick, 2-0. This is the history of Manchester United in the first 91 Premier League penalty, but still less than the Liverpool of 102 balls.

Shinaidelin replaced Carrick, Marin took over the captain’s armband. Milner kick higher. Ao Liji replaced Ince to strengthen the attack. Milner restricted the right pass, this small edge Turk header above. Ao Liji heel pass, 艾比切 into restricted the right shot was rescued Degea flying. Liverpool pulled one back 84 minutes, Klein Blinder pass was the top header, this Turk barb 12 yards to break, 1-2

Manchester United 86 minutes end the game suspense, Marchal face of three defensive players, after endo go past Skrtel left the restricted area 10 yards at the far corner Tuishe network, 3-1