Manchester United is taking shape Heavy Showers: Rooney behind hiding a killing device


A 3-1 victory over Manchester United continued their strong performance in the warm-up match. Despite the limited pre-season warm-up reference value, but the face of strong Barcelona, ​​Manchester United will no doubt be able to win the team preparing for the new season have added a lot of confidence. And after the game, Manchester United’s Premier League opener against Tottenham lineup can be seen shape up.

Supplemented with reinforcements after more than Manchester United in the new season lineup will emit what undoubtedly tempt the appetite of fans. As early as before the game with Barcelona, ​​Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal will be personally confirmed: “The face of Barcelona, ​​the first player will play 60 minutes, while the remaining players will play 30 minutes to play 60 minutes a player who is likely to occur in the face. Tottenham. “In other words, Van Gaal is a real will of the games as the season opener of the training, so the campaign’s starting lineup for the Red Devils and Spurs battle lineup prediction is undoubtedly very reference value.

Specifically, the Manchester United starting line-up against Barcelona campaign, or closer to speaking from the station 4231, the goalkeeper position is still Degea, if the Spanish goalkeeper does not leave this summer, he firmly secured the first thing almost no suspense ʱ?? Defensive line, from left to right are Luke Xiao, Blind, Phil – Jones and Damian. Luke Xiao last season because of injuries and other factors performance is very unstable, Van Gaal prefers Blinder as left-back, but the last few games of the warm-up effect,  remarkable performance, which can be determined He will return to the starting position at left-back. Halfback position, if Manchester United do not fill into reinforcements, then Blinder, Jones and Smalling three people undoubtedly the most promising competitive start, yet rejoin Rojo obviously need more time to adjust. On the right-back, the new aid Damian solid performance, taking into account the Valencia just come back, face Tottenham played Damian have greater hope.

In the front, two lumbar Schneider forest and Carrick, the highly anticipated Schweinsteiger missed a game because of the injury and the Barcelona game, pig it also needs time to adapt to the Premiership pace and style Therefore the combination of Schneider forest Carrick + Van Gaal is likely to rely on in the face of Tottenham midfielder strength.
The most talked about before the court, Van Gaal campaign chose Ashley – Young and Mata hit two wings, Rooney continued a play center, while behind Pres activity in Rooney, from positions that Pres a role closer to the front of attacking midfielder or shadow. After freeing Robin van Persie of Manchester United and Falcao, does not introduce forward, the new season as the team spearhead the task will fall to Rooney’s body, and behind Wayne Rooney, another potential kill is perhaps the Pres

Although the distance between Manchester United and Tottenham’s Premier League opener will take some time, but from the attitude of Van Gaal, his starting line-up may have been basically decided. It is worth mentioning that the Manchester United squad depth is very good now, so Van Gaal in the lineup schedule will ease. If you ignore the impact of injuries, in addition to today’s starting lineup, Manchester United in the front court as well as Fellaini, Herrera, Bastian Schweinsteiger and many other players, with the deepening of the season, multi-line operations the pressure increases, the depth of Manchester United’s lineup will also offer more options for Louis van Gaal, just from the paper in terms of strength, Van Gaal’s team have the ability to Moody handsome Chelsea Bai Bai wrist, the new season is undoubtedly the Red Devils well worth the period.