Messi first to break the gods return

Messi back, Barca win is no longer a problem after you suffered a series of unfavorable Barcelona finally ushered in warm-up match victory, Gamper Cup, Barcelona 3-0 victory over Rome, Messi shot a pass for a eye-catching performance. Media after the game gave him a team-high nine points, fans gave him a team-high 9.1 points.

The field of battle is in Rome to participate in Macy’s first game of the new season, before that, four games pre-season Barcelona won only the Los Angeles Galaxy, then have lost the face of Manchester United, Chelsea (penalty) and Florence when array to. Even with three defeats, coach Enrique and many Barca fans not to worry, because they know, and so after Messi back, the situation is different, as Mourinho said, “the world there are two balls team, there are no Macy’s and Macy’s. ”

After the re-return, Macy continue to show the level of offensive talent, and one minute from the first goal from just looking at the first five minutes of the game, he contributed three chances, first Suarez pass, Messi edge of the area The shot was Wally Disney confiscated. With aerweisi right pass, Macy header after the rub, Neymar close Mianduikongmen headed top side. Then Alves heel pass, restricted the right of Messi shot was saved, Rafinha close blank range was blocked.

As captain of Messi showed good condition. Barcelona is also very understanding with the Trident, a Messi, Neymar and Suarez consecutive passes, but Rakitic 20 yards shot was Wally Disney flying saved. The first 26 minutes, Messi helped Barcelona to break the deadlock, when the Argentine precise crossing the ball left the restricted area Mathieu selfless tapping unguarded Neymar easily go past Szczęsny close into the empty goal.

Macy’s also a rare performance of the bloody. Game, he clashed with the same Argentines hit the opponent with the head FLAC neck pinch each other, both were booked. Media speculation, it must be said something too Mu Biwa, then incensed Messi.
The first 41 minutes, Messi score to help expand the score, Soares was cut into the penalty area on the right pass, knock Neymar, Messi left the bottom right edge of the area shot network, 2-0. Barcelona Trident perfect match does not need too long drill. The first 60 minutes, Enrique replaced by Pedro Macy.