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2014-15 season’s Champions League, Barcelona team who are very memorable, and some of the players on the team even more so, Suarez is one of them. Uruguayan follow the team in Berlin summit, he completed his dreams, but also to their already fantastic season even better. And the game Suarez also played an important role, he helped the team to rewrite the score 2 to 1 overtake Juventus disillusioned.

Suarez never hide their shine in Europe’s top tournament expectations, before he says, of Juventus is his most important game, the fact that he had been transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona, ​​a major The reason is that Barcelona can win the Champions League trophy dream. Soares has said, the Champions League is very special for him, when Liverpool, the team he could not feel the pain and regret Champions League game.

“To hear the theme song for the Champions League is a big incentive, this is a memorable event, I hope to participate in the Champions League, against the best team in Europe.” Suarez had just joined Barcelona when such representation. Barcelona against Juventus, Suarez has become one of the protagonists,

Suarez once again exceeded in the 68th minute, when Messi left rib counterattack frontier closed area low shot caused Buffon sell, Suarez small restricted area on the right edge of the half-volley Tuishe network, 2 to 1, he became Schiaffino and After Godin, the first three goals of the Uruguayan Champions League final.

After the game, “Aspen” Soares praised the “value triple crown,” said Suarez scored more timely, and his goal for Barcelona fans rediscover a smile, after Juventus equalized in the case of the score , the Italian team motivated, once let the situation becomes urgent Barcelona. The final stage, Soares was injured, but he insisted after playing the game.

Suarez after the match, said: “The other side of oppression in the equalizer after some tight, they also had some opportunities, but we have be able to pull out the gap between the players, eventually made the score lead.”

“Daily Sport newspaper,” after the game to Suarez played 10 minutes, praised him in the field, “tireless”, “Uruguayan tried many opportunities, he seemed the face of goal with no luck. Match the first 39 minutes he had the opportunity to score, but the shot was too biased. In court, he worked tirelessly, continued to put pressure on opponents, at physical and, ultimately, the goal of the award. “Suarez also scored a team-high 10 points, surpassing Messi , Iniesta et al 9 points.

In the most intense level of competition, Luis Suarez always able to make its mark this season, already has broken the Uruguay marksman Real Madrid, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Valencia this Teams door. Madrid, “Marca” Suarez also praised the “Competition experts.”

Last summer, although most of the Barcelona fans for the club to introduce Suarez happy, but at the club after its main 席巴尔托梅乌 disclose the transfer fee of up to 81 million euros, red and blue army of fans still feel that the price is a bit high. After six months, there is no doubt that Barcelona fans, Barcelona fans are all satisfied with the performance of Uruguayans, even feel it 81 million euros to spend too worth it.

Suarez overcome FIFA to punish him severely the implementation of the psychological harm. After joining Barcelona, ​​he was unable to attend the team’s training until October 25 before he followed Barca played the first official match. It is the national derby at the Bernabeu, after he suffered criticism because of his status can not be compared to his teammates.

Suarez vowed to use goals and excellent condition all return the club to give him confidence. Barcelona knows he can not play in the first 11 games of the situation remains to introduce him, Suarez to make returns. Now, we can say that Suarez did. But Suarez not only proved he is a top striker to score, but also to show their goals of gold: the game has made enemies in the face of the key goals. He has returned to Barcelona value of the original investment. Barcelona fans so impressed by Suarez to face difficult opponents or efficient in important games. We can say that the Uruguayan is a strong case stronger players.

In the King’s Cup, he has the key goals in the league, Suarez in Atletico and Valencia have scored the match. In the Champions League game, Suarez to face the enemy, but also a series score. Barcelona introduction of Suarez, is important to him to score in the game, and the Uruguayan did not disappoint.