Mourinho: Premier League can not buy Massey Muller

Mourinho and Chelsea just contract until 2019, in an interview, mad human character emerged in the humble side of himself, he said that there are three clubs the players are not forced to buy the Premier League.

Mourinho chose these three clubs Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid, he said: “I think it’s the world’s only three clubs have said, ‘I do not sell’ abilities, and that is Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern have the Premiership club. Thomas – Muller interest you certainly have, which can really put the club bought him from Bayern I think that there is no “??.

“There Premiership team wants Macy it? Really buy it? I do not think so. These three clubs have a long history, a strong and stable economy, income is very alarming. I think they will want to sell their own people when to sell, and if you see a player leave the three clubs, that is because they no longer need the player, this is my idea. ”

“When Messi leave Barcelona? When his career ended.”

“The club could use more playing opportunities to attract players to complete the transfer, if you are lucky enough, like Arsenal get Sanchez, he can not get consistent playing time in Barcelona. The case of Fabregas and Sanchez like These top players will leave the desire to help you complete the transfer. ”