Mourinho refused Premiership

Premier League chief executive Basescu Damo Er publicly rebuffed Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] coach Jose Mourinho’s proposal, saying that the war in Europe to play in the Premier League will not change the team race.

On the season, the Premier League dismal record in the Champions League, no team into the final eight, Mourinho noted that Premier League intensive schedule involved, is one of the factors affect the team preparing for, he called on the Premier to consider learning the Spanish [ Microblogging], Serie A and other leagues, teams participating in the war in Europe to change the schedule.

“Premier League team in the Champions League record is poor, you do not care? Why or why not care? At least I am very concerned,” Mourinho said at the time, “I do not understand that we can play in the Champions League opponents on Friday, while We have to play on Saturday. “Mourinho’s proposal, Basescu Damo Er publicly rejected. “We will not change a team’s schedule alone, because you can not do it all, you can not put the game rescheduled, only one team in order to meet the needs.”

“We’ve thought about it, but in practice, it is impossible to do something.”

Basescu Damo Er said the decline in the Champions League Premiership worrying, but the Premier League will not do anything official. “We must be careful, there is a fear that if we continued to decline, the war in Europe on our ranking is unfavorable, we will lose a seat in the Champions League.”

“But it is difficult to say that we can do something about, the Premier League club in the war in Europe has been hard enough.”