‘Mutombo’ return

Houston Rockets at home to 105 to 99 victory over Oklahoma City Thunder, the Rockets to 4 to 1 out of the Thunder cut. Starting center Capella in the protection of the basket on the role of obvious, he sent 4 blocks, but also confidently shake your fingers, Mu Dushu’s iconic action to reproduce the Toyota Center(click nba live mobile coins).

Capella played the ball for 22 minutes, 3 of 2, 6 of 4, got 8 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks. Offside Capella did not play a bigger role, but he played a proper role in rebounding and defending, especially in the start of the second and fourth quarters, Capella was sent continuously in the basket He helped the team to protect the basket.

The second half, Abrussian breakthrough attempt dunk, but Capella high leap out of the ball cover, the success of the cover, Capella excitedly shook his finger, Mu Dushu once the signs of action once again in the Toyota The center appears.

In this series, Capella did a good performance on the hat, averaging 2.3 shots, two games sent at least 4 blocks, he is eligible to be like Mu Dushu at home to shake his fingers. In the Capella before a rocket player in the playoffs to send a single field at least 4 blocks, he was Dwight – Howard, May 28, 2015 against the Warriors, Howard has blocked 4 times, and in Howard Before, Yao Ming, Mutombo, Arakawa Wang these great center are on the list.

Rockets playoff history, Yao Ming had three games sent at least 4 blocks, two of which is against the Mavericks, once against the Lakers.read more