Every week, FIFA Ultimate Group gathers the most beneficial players in the competitors of the club and international arenas all via the club. This collection on the players is accessible to confront in FIFA Ultimate Team. It is actually considered TOTS (Group of your Season). This really is the community Silver Squad. The starting of… Read Article →

An international warm-up match in the Kingdom of Leon Stadium, race, home to 2 to 1 to win the Spanish Costa Rica, Weineijiasi head start, Paco equalizer, a small law mass shooting meritorious deeds. Every time the ball came off the bench after Pique have all been fans booed. This is the history of the… Read Article →

European Cup qualifier, ushered in the most Guanjianyizhan Italy, away against enemies Croatia. From the strength and the scene, the Azzurri are not dominant, especially in the first half of Croatia also won a penalty, but was magical seal Guards Buffon out, but somewhat unfortunately cloth Feng then limped up. For this field in Italy,… Read Article →

2014-15 season’s Champions League, Barcelona team who are very memorable, and some of the players on the team even more so, Suarez is one of them. Uruguayan follow the team in Berlin summit, he completed his dreams, but also to their already fantastic season even better. And the game Suarez also played an important role,… Read Article →

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