Pelican tentative offer Bucks tower

New Orleans Pelicans intentionally Greg – Monroe, and the Milwaukee Bucks and had negotiations, but they are tentative. As a native of New Orleans, Monroe always wanted to return home(click buy mt nba 2k16).

It is reported that the first choice Bucks center Monroe is back home to New Orleans to play. After last summer to become an unrestricted free agent, Monroe will have this intention, but unfortunately was not for him Pelican offer. Ultimately, Monroe $ 50 million three-year contract bucks.

So far this season, Monroe averaged 16.6 points 9.7 rebounds, despite joining a new club is not even a season, Monroe already become the center of trade rumors.

Tuesday, according to ESPN reports, pelicans and Milwaukee positive negotiations, hoping at the trade deadline to introduce Monroe. However, according to informed sources, the talks between the two sides is only tentative, did not have substantial progress.

The trade deadline approaching, but it was cautious pelicans. The team general manager Dell – Demps since last December, just listening to the team on Ryan – Anderson [microblogging] offer, but pelicans are still reluctant to bid farewell to Anderson, after the end of the season even though he will be unrestricted free agent, and certainly a lot of money gains new contract.

In addition, pelicans willingness to introduce a veteran, and their future first-round picks as a bargaining chip, is currently unknown. According to ESPN reports, pelicans and do not want to send any possible first-round pick in the deal, even if it is a lottery-protected first-round pick.

After all, the pelican has a first-round pick in 2012 or, in the first round of their first overall pick Anthony – Davis, and the 10th overall pick in Austin – Rivers. 2013 Draft pelican in the sixth overall pick Nuolun Si – Noel, but then in order to get Zhu – Huo Ledi, Pelican will Noel and 2014 first-round pick to the 76 people together. In addition, in 2014 the introduction of Omer – Asik transactions, the pelican turn the 2015 first-round pick to the Rockets. Demps season and so far only done deal, in December last year, Ismail – Smith sent to 76 people, in exchange for two second-round