Pelicans refuse to reverse Lectra Lakers

Pelican’s “twin towers” finally won, they were on the road to 105-97 victory over the LakersPelican (25-38) “Twin Towers” at the same time the first time to win the game, Anthony – Davis scored 31 points and nine rebounds, DeMarcus – Cousins ​​fight to 6 off, scored 26 points 15 Rebounds, Zhu – Holliday 20 points and 12 assists, Eto’o – Moore 13 points Lakers (19-44) seven straight, continue in the western bottom. Nick – Young scored 19 points(click nba 2k17 mt coins), De Angelo Russell 16 points and seven assists, Brandon – Ingram 16 points and six rebounds, Jordan – Clarkson 14 points. Pelican’s “twin towers” the win. The last one has been very close, but the Spurs forced into the overtime, eventually fall short. The face of sophisticated spurs, pelican’s “twin towers” after all, just a combination of soon after the mistakes in the inevitable. Since the test Sins joined, the pelican’s “twin towers” two defeats. Cousins ​​was suspended after a pelican who won the victory. And in the last one by the Spurs comeback, “Twin Towers” together has not yet taste the taste of victory. Facing the Lakers, this is a great opportunity, but the game is far from imagined so simple. After the opening, the pelican did not play well. The first section there are 3 minutes 36 seconds, Russell hit a ball, the two sides battle into 18-18, Moore shot also a ball, he scored 7 points, pelican to 8-2 end this section, Only to 26-20 slightly dominant.

“Twin Towers” control the basket, but the risk is not points. Section II Lakers frequent outside the hit, but to obtain advantages. This section there are 3 minutes and 57 seconds, Nick – Young hit three consecutive points, the Lakers to 46-41 advantage. This section of the Lakers had 39 points, the first half to 59-55 lead. Ingram in the second half of the start shooting, the Lakers lead 6 points, but then 4 minutes and 30 seconds they did not score, pelican 62-61 go-ahead. In addition to the “twin towers”, the Huo Le Di also performed well, pelicans finally began to take advantage. This section of the Lakers had 14 points, after three, they are 73-83 behind(click buy mt).

The beginning of the fourth quarter, Pelicans scored 4 points, the advantage extended to 14 points, but the Lakers continue to counterattack. This section there are 5 minutes and 38 seconds, Huo Le Di shot, the pelican is still 97-83 lead, Nick – Yang also to three points, Russell twice long shot succeeded, the Lakers also a wave of 14- 0, will score at 97-97. Pelicans have also made a critical moment of soft problems, in nearly 4 minutes failed to score. The game there are 1 minute 44 seconds, only by Davis hit close, Holly Di since then hit the third, pelican re-take advantage.

The Lakers played a wave of attacks, then also attributed to calm, in the last 1 minute 55 seconds a minute,