Real Madrid officially announced the renewal of the main right-back a new contract until 2020


Real Madrid officially announced the renewal right back Carbajal, new contract extension until June 2020.

Carvajal, who was born in January 11, 1992, the functional right back, Real Madrid in the past two seasons the main right back. For Real Madrid last season, played 42 games, including the league played 30 games.

Carvajal debut in Real Madrid youth academy, who joined Leverkusen in 2012, because of outstanding performance, again by Real Madrid repurchase price of 6.5 million euros, and then become the main team right back, Arbeloa successfully in the bench press, and he was named to the Spanish national team, is now serving a Spanish international. But the new season, Carbajal will be challenged, to 31.5 million euros after Real Madrid signed Brazilian right-Danilo.

It is reported that, in addition to continued , Real Madrid will renew masailuo left.