Rivaldo: Low Romero score more goals because football level

If football has come a , so the peak of the Brazilian legend Rivaldo and now C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi confrontation, the situation will be?

History does not assume, but Rivaldo recently in an interview, said Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi and Real Madrid star C Lo today been able to achieve so many goals, because now the football than his football then weaker a lot of. Rivaldo believes that if he is still in his prime, then scored 50 goals a season for him is not a problem, but he also could get 2-3 times a Golden Globe.

“If my peak period is now, then I can bet with anyone, I can win 2-3 times World Player of honor. And I’m sure every season and he scored 50 or more can enter ball. “Rivaldo sigh untimely. In fact Rivaldo won the Golden Globe honor.
Brazilian legend said: “Today’s football is very different from the past have been higher before the football quality standards, both within Brazil or the world is true in Spain, Italy, too..”

Rivaldo now look down a little football: “You see Messi and C Luo two best players in the world, able to break into the 50 goals in the league, will feel the same thing today, football is not so a. This proves that football level dropped. ”

Rivaldo Barcelona played 199 games, scoring 106 goals, although already 43 years old, but the Brazilian recently resurfaced, he followed the Brazilian second division Moggi Millington team played two games, scored one goal, of course, in this regard has proved pretty straightforward Rivaldo not old, on the other hand seems to be precisely the standard of football today it shows that indeed declined.

It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian superstar Ronaldo said another, his own time stronger than it is now, because then super star more intense now than the competition but also, “I at that time, the player is much more intense competition , apart from me there is Zidane, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Luis Figo, Michael Owen and Fabio Cannavaro later also got Golden Globe win, so when the competition is much more intense.