Ronaldinho returned to Brazil to play confirmed


Former World Footballer Ronaldinho released a Fluminense background map, confirm that you are going to join this Pakistan A team, according to Brazilian media after the news that he will sign with Fluminense Under a one-year contract. In nearly a year after the effectiveness of the Mexican League, Ronaldinho returned to Brazil to play again. With Houfulumi tender Cypriot official also confirmed the deal, Ronaldinho will wear the number 10 shirt.
Earlier there was news that Ronaldinho will join the team in Antalya, Turkey sports, but Brazilian media the latest news that Ronaldinho will be the new club Fluminense. Brazil authoritative media, “Universal Sports,” said the agency already confirmed in Friday Ronaldinho and Fluminense negotiated individual contracts.

It is reported that Ronaldinho and Fluminense signed a one-year contract, a monthly salary of about 163,000 pounds, while Ronaldinho will be to get some shirts into revenue. “Universal Sports” revealed Fluminense hopes to sign Ronaldinho to raise enough funds to accelerate their plans to build a new training facility.

After leaving Europe, Ronaldo has played for Flamengo, Brazil’s Atletico Mineiro two teams in Atletico Mineiro has won a South American Libertadores Cup and a Super Cup last September, he joined Mexico League Queretaro, in the spring league finals, first leg 0-5 defeat Queretaro Santos Laguna, although the second leg 3-0 win, but still missed the championship, Ronaldinho sent in the spring league four assists. Then Ronaldinho and Queretaro termination, once there is news that may come Super Ronaldinho to play, but eventually return to Brazil Ronaldinho or stadium.