Sign 2 years! Warriors and Oracle Arena renewal

According to the NBA official website reported that the Golden State Warriors have reached a two-year agreement to renew the Oracle Arena. They are expected to move into San Francisco’s new arena in 2019(click nba 2k17 myteam).

Warriors are planning to move back to San Francisco in the 2019-20 season, but before that they will stay in Auckland. Recently, the Warriors also reached a two-year agreement to renew the Oracle Arena.

Chairman of the Oracle Arena Joint Powers Authority (JPA) said in a local time on Wednesday that there was a clause in the new agreement that if the warriors’ relocation plan was to be postponed, they could wait three more at the Oracle Arena Season.

In addition, the new agreement also has the terms of the Oracle Arena rent rise, but it must be approved by the Auckland city government and the local government of the province of Alameda.

The Warriors are the only three teams in the NBA that have survived the first season of the league (the other two are the Celtics and the Knicks). At first they were in Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco in 1962. But because of the high cost of land in San Francisco, land prices are too high, the warriors moved to Auckland in 1970, until today. In San Francisco’s nine seasons, the Warriors had two times into the finals.source: