Spain wins 2-1


An international warm-up match in the Kingdom of Leon Stadium, race, home to 2 to 1 to win the Spanish Costa Rica, Weineijiasi head start, Paco equalizer, a small law mass shooting meritorious deeds. Every time the ball came off the bench after Pique have all been fans booed.

This is the history of the first two sides clash, after a draw in 2011. Degea issued the first field, Casillas on the bench. In training by the fans booed Pique did not enter the starter. Costa Rica 5 minute lead, Arsenal winger J- Campbell left the restricted area low pass, Weineijiasi unguarded 14 yards low shot bottom left corner. Spain equalized two minutes later, Fabregas forward pass, offside Valencia striker Paco 12 yards success single-handedly Tuishe network.

San – Jose corner melee volley from 12 yards higher. After the game into a stalemate, both sides failed to create scoring opportunities. Spain 30 minutes ahead score, Vidal right pass, Norrito fire front, Fabregas volley Dianshe the bottom right corner, 2-1. Leading Spain began to slow down the rhythm to control the game, and Costa Rica’s counterattack repeatedly caught offside.

The second half, replaced the injured Bi Tuoluo vidal. Kk crossing the ball in an offside position far point Ramos header from close range by Real Madrid teammate Navas brave saved. The first 58 minutes, kk left wing free kick pass, a small restricted area before Ramos Tongshe Navas brave saved. Ramos subsequently replaced by Pique, defender for Real Madrid fans in the audience gave a standing ovation after Barcelona defender brought boos, followed by his fans were booing every time the ball. Silva heel pass, the right of same bench Cazorla penalty area 12 yards shot was again saved by Navas.

Batra close floral corner melee foot shot was blocked Dias high bottom line. J- Campbell’s long-range slightly over the bar. Silva cut into the inner edge of the area low shot Navas steadily confiscated. Busquets and Isco has also come off the bench. Real Madrid backs the right of the penalty area Carvajal shot Navas saved the bottom line. Isco restricted the right shot wide of the far corner. Spain final reversal to win this weekend off war alive preliminaries Belarus.

Spain Lineup (4-2-3-1): 13 Degea; 17- Carbajal, 4 Batra, 15 Ramos (58 ‘, 3 pg), 14-Burnett Special; 6- San Jose (74 ‘, 5 Busquets), 8 kk (59’, 20 Cazorla); 17- Vidal (46 ’19-Bi Tuoluo), 10-Fabre Vegas (83 ‘, and the 22 Isco), 12 Norrito (59’, 21 Silva); 9- Paco