The 40th All-Star 37 times Finalist

NBA officials announced the 2016 All-Star Game starting lineup, the Spurs Kawhi – Leonard was named to the All-Star Game this year in West starter, helping the Spurs once again set an NBA record(nba mt).

Since 1976 joined NBA, the Spurs have gone 40-time All-Star Game, the 40-time All-Star game, the Spurs have had 37 players selected All-Star starter, the other team than the league, followed by Los Angeles Lakers 36 times.

The All-Star is the first time Leonard All-Star, has just named an All-Star, he will be a starter, but also deserved. So far, he led the Spurs won 36 wins and 6 losses record, ranking second in the West, he averaged 20.1 points and seven 2k16 mt at