The Clippers beat the Knicks home

Clippers home to 114-105 off the Knicks. Clippers two straight, west to the fourth approximation. Blake – Griffin played only 30 minutes, scored 30 points and six rebounds, De Andre – Jordan 14 points, Chris – Paul 13 points and 13 assists, Austin – Rivers 17 points, Jamal – Crawford 14 points. Knicks two-game losing streak. Kristes – Boer Jenis 18 points and 11 rebounds, Derek – Ross 18 points and 5 assists, Carmelo – Anthony 16 points, Justin – Holliday 11 points.(click nba 2k17 mt coins)

As the Jazz in the previous defeat, the Clippers in one fell swoop will narrow the gap between the two sides into a field. In the game the remaining 11 games, the Clippers have the opportunity to reach the top four. On a beat knight, but the Clippers are happy not up. Because the knights did not go all out, “Big Three” rest. Moreover, in this game, the Clippers found themselves more problems. Coach Rivers believes they can solve all the problems, facing the Knicks, is a good opportunity for training.

Most of the first section of the first two teams played hard to understand. This section there are 3 minutes and 25 seconds, Ross breakthrough layup, the Knicks only 19-20 behind. But in the last minute of this section, the Knicks failed to score, the Clippers scored 4 points to 29-23 slightly opened the gap. Clippers in the second quarter gradually opened the gap, this section there are 3 minutes 06 seconds, Jordan basket succeeded, the Clippers to 55-41 lead. Anthony made two free throws, then shot succeeded, one scored four points, but the Knicks this section unable to narrow the gap to single digits, each time by the Clippers counterattack. At halftime, the Knicks were 53-63 behind.

The victory soon lost suspense. Griffin not only succeeded in the basket, but also pulled the outside shot, Paul also hit three consecutive points, the Clippers to 17-4 start a third quarter, in one fell swoop to 80-57 to expand the advantage. Reddick also joined the ranks of the long shot, the Clippers hit a total of 6 in this section three points, scored a single 34 points, the first three to 97-72 lead. Victory and loss of suspense, the last section of the Clippers have been relaxed. The Knicks in the last minute constantly counterattack, narrow the gap to single digits. Game there are 37 seconds, Randall three free throws, they only 103-111 behind, but unfortunately too late, the Clippers fined three goals, to seal the victory.source: