The Spanish name for the Tianjin team Chinese subtitles pray

La Liga round fully started, at Rayo Vallecano vs. Valencia match, Chinese players Zhang Chengdong did not make the game list, but in the center of the field before the game Rayo Vallecano banners, Tianjin bombing victims silence ╩▒??

In summer signing after Zhang Chengdong, Rayo Vallecano got more Chinese fans attention, before the game, Rayo Vallecano played a Western text written banner: “Rayo Vallecano China Tianjin neighborhood watch.” Meanwhile Rayo Vallecano also be one minute of silence for the ceremony.

And before the game, Rayo Vallecano also played a special official to push on the banner, and Tianjin explosion victims silence.

In the final game ended 0-0, Rayo Vallecano at home to get a point.