United gamble it all depends on a wild card

2-game winning streak to start the season, Manchester United has made the best start since nearly four seasons. So if Manchester United do not have any flaws this out? The answer is clearly no. Especially in the offensive which, just two games into 2 balls, although Van Gaal lips say no worry in successive away after Falcao and Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney alone one person really can carry the team’s attack it?

In the past two matches, the Rooney show at the center position is still unsatisfactory. It went from the game, Rooney played 90 minutes, not a second shot, but the ball just inside the penalty area was 1 times, almost zero risk. It is no exaggeration to say that this game can be said Rooney invisible, he lost in the center position, the only time the audience is some impression attack occurred in the first 94 minutes, Rooney obtain single opportunity to fight back, but it may be physical reasons for the decline, even Manchester United on the 10th stop stopping directly into the siege, wasted a good opportunity to expand the score. “Sky Sports” bluntly: “Rooney is still looking for the feeling of playing center, he needed time, but United need him to restore their energy as soon as possible.”
Whoscore the score after the game which, Rooney was named the worst player of Manchester United, is just 6.3 points. BBC after the game for Rooney’s situation is quite worried:. “He seemed to have been free in the Van Gaal’s tactics, is also one of the ball in the penalty area including Tottenham, the process is very similar to the 2 games Rooney could not get more of a return, he became Manchester United currently most worried about a problem. “In addition, Rooney and his teammates also involved very little, Manchester United’s attack is mainly concentrated on the left, Pres got quite a lot of the ball, the whole game the Netherlands winger had seven shots, and between him and Wayne Rooney almost no cooperation, this problem is very serious exposure, whether or League warm-up match, and Pres Rooney chemical effect has not been fully reflected.

Van Gaal had said before the game: “We will not buy a striker, Wayne Rooney will be our center, I believe he can break into the 20+ goals in a season, he has this ability, he was able to do more than last year good. “But the data, even when the peak Rooney, scored 20 goals in the league is a very difficult thing. From the example of the data, since the 2004/2005 season Rooney joined Manchester United, he has only two league goals over 20 seasons, respectively, 2009/2010 season, 2011/2012 season, in two seasons respectively, scored 26 goals and 27 goals, but the past few seasons, since the position of retreat and other reasons, goals Rooney dropped very quickly, or even last season, scored only 12 goals.
In addition, Rooney again kick back center position is a big challenge. Nearly three seasons, Rooney appeared more often in the midfield position, either attacking midfielder or defensive midfielder, he has been a guest, once there is a good play. So, for him, it will take time to rediscover the feeling of playing center, but with increasing age, Rooney decline is an indisputable fact that the explosive and other bodily functions, re-kicking center also increase the difficulty for him It makes sense. But the problem is that Rooney is almost the only Manchester United can rely on the center. No matter how frontcourt Manchester United becomes, how the combination may eventually need to solve the problem or Rooney. It looks like a gamble, Van Gaal has repeatedly stressed Rooney scored season will be more than 20 goals, but all the treasure all bet on Rooney, Van Gaal if Lu Nida less than 20 goals delineated line between life Manchester United’s record this season, I am afraid it is difficult to get promoted, Rooney urgent need to quickly retrieve the play center in the state of the job