World of Warcraft trade rating

Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets complete the deal, sent Dwight – Howard and this year’s second round of the total No. 31 draft pick, in exchange for Myers – Plumley, Marco – Berinelli and this year’s No. 41 Draft pick. In the deal, the two sides how their gains and losses? We may wish to look at each other(click buy mt).

Atlanta Hawks Rating: D-

Due to years of injury and addicted to sugar, coupled with his so-called training in the practice of three points has been no effect, this former best center has become increasingly marginalized and cabbage prices, this year’s playoffs, Howard in the Eagles and Wizards in the 6 games, a total of only in the fourth quarter played 17 minutes. After the new general manager took office, the eagle’s reconstruction road seems more clear, even the Millsap this level are not necessarily stay, not to mention a Howard it?

However, even if the offensive end of Warcraft almost nothing effect, but his body for the rebounds and basket protection or have a certain contribution. At the beginning of the season, he can even participate in a certain pick and roll defense, but I do not know why, the more he later choose the face of the pick and roll in the basket, let the eagle’s anti-pick and roll, and this may also be him An important reason for marginalization in the playoffs.
But even so, Howard defensive end of the season the true positive and negative value is still able to reach +2.60, ranked 14th in all the center.

But, for the return of this return, uh, how to say it …

From the contract and salary space, the deal will help the Hawks spend $ 3.4 million next season, saving about $ 11.3 million in the next season, perhaps the only place where the eagle is earning the deal The. However, it should be noted that the Plumley’s contract, although the annual cost of 10 million ahead of Howard, but his total number of years more than Warcraft, which means that the Hawks in the 19-20 season to spend 12.5 million US dollars.

Here are two major players to talk about the contrast.

Although Howard has a variety of problems, although his next year’s contract has 23.5 million US dollars, but according to the real positive and negative system of measurement, Howard next season’s level is basically the same with the contract. And Plumley, his contract left three years 37.5 million US dollars, this person before the deal to the Hornets had fallen out of the Bucks inside rotation, to his level, the remaining contract basically the whole Is the case of premium. Do a simple contrast, the above mentioned the true and positive defense, what is the Plumley? -2.27, center 59th.
And then maybe you would say that this deal is not there anybody else? In fact, in my opinion, the transaction is basically equal to two parts, part of the Howard single Pramley, the other part is the 31 sign for Berry Nelly plus No. 41 sign.

Or in other words, the eagle want to use Howard for the Plumley and Berry Nelly two people, the Hornets feel this injustice, they suffer, ask the eagle must give compensation, the last two sides talked about, the Hawks gave him a draft right……

After the regular season, there have been US experts suggested that the Hawks sent Howard, but then they think, with Howard for a second round of the back will be a good choice, the eagle may also be able to get the best return, and This time, they not only in exchange for a lower level of the next round of the sign, but also brought a look is not cheap how much useless center, so I’m sorry eagle, I really can not give you a higher rating The.

Charlotte Hornets Trading Score: B

Hornets coach Clifford and Howard have a certain origin, Howard in the magic period Clifford is the assistant, perhaps because of this experience, so that he must have an orthodox center line up this thing may be a bit paranoid.

Clifford’s defense system emphasizes the protection of the basket, emphasizing rebounds and baskets, do not let opponents easily score in the basket, and these are Howard is very good at things, they might really be here Sparks out.
And last season’s Hornets, with Zeller when the center, to implement the above strategy to receive a very good effect, last season Zeller presence and absence, the Hornets defensive efficiency were 102.7 and 108.6, which is probably the Union Three and the 24th of the gap, and Howard’s arrival, apparently able to completely make up for the Hornets No. 5 nobody with this problem.

But there is a new problem here, that is, they both share 48 minutes of the center time is obviously a bit of a waste, but if the two men at the same time put on, the Hornets offensive space will be a huge challenge, maybe No breakthrough in the space, do not Walker can only throw three points outside?

Although the two centers of the contract is slightly more expensive, but the Hornets as the number one star the next two years the average price of 12 million US dollars of the team, they are also able to afford the World of Warcraft and Zeller’s contract, and do not forget, they also The hands of the No. 41 sign into the second round of the first, they are entirely possible in the draft to give Walker a substitute back, which for them, is definitely not difficult.source: